About IDUG


Dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy is indispensable, not only adding value but guiding the treatment itself. In molecular radiotherapy (radionuclide therapy, nuclear medicine therapy), dosimetry is still an emerging field, confined largely to research centres.

We are a group of healthcare professionals interested in the promotion of dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy through;

  • Regular free meetings providing an open forum for discussion on dosimetry
  • Hosting scientific meetings on dosimetry
  • Hosting training in dosimetry
  • Issuing practical and workable guidelines for implementation of dosimetry




Meet the team

  • Matt Guy - Chair Emeritus
  • Matt Aldridge - Chair Person
  • Jill Tipping - Chair Person
  • Dan McGowan - Chair Emeritus
  • Jonathan Gear - Treasury
  • Bruno Rojas - Secretary