About IDUG


Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT) involves treating a patient with a radiopharmaceutical that selectively binds to a specific cancer cell, delivering a dose of radiation.

Internal dosimetry methods involve the calculation of the administered activity for MRT that optimises the therapeutic ratio. This increases the probability of tumour control and the reduction of normal tissue damage.

A multi-disciplinary group is required for this treatment type, and the IDUG group was set up to promote and provide advice for this rapidly evolving discipline, aligning to the requirements of personalised, safe and effective treatment.

The group is recognised as an organisation to;

      • - Provide free meetings for healthcare professionals from all disciplines, enabling an open forum for discussion on all areas relating to MRT
      • - Survey and audit MRT practice across the UK
      • - Host scientific meetings on MRT
      • - Host training in MRT and dosimetry techniques
      • - Issue practical guidelines for implementation of MRT and dosimetry
      • - Offer advice for single and multi-centre MRT trials​


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