IDUG Meetings


Our next meeting will be arranged later on in the year (date TBC)


Our last IDUG meeting was held on 8th December 2024. Recordings can be found here (available to IDUG members).


If you have suggestions for future meetings, please contact

Conferences and Events

BIR/IDUG Molecular Radiotherapy Conference 27th June 2024

MRT Dosimetry workshop Spring 2022

BIR/IDUG MRT Dosimetry Conference 30th Sept 2022- slides available to IDUG members

Dosimetry workshop- May 2021 resources available for course members

Dosimetry workshop - BNMS (Cancelled due to COVID)

BIR/MRT Dosimetry - Oct 2020 Recordings available for those that attended

Dosimetry Workshop BNMS 2017

BNMS 2018

Dosimetry Workshop - BNMS 2019

BIR June 2014

BIR June 2016

BIR 2018