We are currently developing guidelines for Lutetium-177 Dotatate therapy. If you would like to discuss or contribute to these then, please contact the project lead Lefteris Livieratos (

MRT Clinical Trials Database

Clinical Trials are one of the ways we can gain evidence of the role of dosimetry within MRT, and often  many centres are not aware of the range of trials being undertaken or the role of dosimetry within them.  IDUG has proposed the creation of a Clinical Trials Database for any Trial involving Molecular Radiotherapy.  This will enable the MRT community to be aware of the breath of trials being undertaken, and which centres are involved and provide the first record of such trials being undertaken.  Hopefully this will also lead to a support network for centres new to trials or MRT to get support from an experienced centre in order to be able to participate.   In addition it will record if dosimetry is used within these trials, and again this will help to create a support network for centres wishing to undertake dosimetry themselves.  The database is a protected Google database- access is by strict invitation only to ensure that this data is created by and available to IDUG centres.

Please contact  if you wish to join in.  

Useful resources

OpenDose is a great resource for dosimetry, providing s-values for free from anthropomorphic models.

"The project is a collaborative effort to generate and distribute free dosimetric data for the benefit of the Nuclear Medicine community. Specific Absorbed Fractions are produced independently using different Monte Carlo models. S values are then calculated using SAFs and radioisotope decay characteristics. "