IDUG Meetings

Next IDUG meeting will be Friday 23rd April

This will be focused on 177Lu-PSMA treatments and dosimetry - an opportunity for practical guidance and discussion.

The event will be held virtually 1 - 3 pm GMT. Registration is free for IDUG members.

Registration is now closed - those who have registered will have been sent an email with the link to the email address provided on the registration form

Contact for more information

Conferences and Events

Dosimetry workshop- May 2021 click here to sign up

Dosimetry workshop - BNMS (Cancelled due to COVID)

BIR/MRT Dosimetry - Oct 2020 Recordings available for those that attended

Dosimetry Workshop BNMS 2017

BNMS 2018

Dosimetry Workshop - BNMS 2019

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